Gym Reservations
To place a request to reserve use of the gym for non church activities, Please fill out the form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
You may also see a Church Board member in person to check availability.
Please include:
  1.  Your Name
  2.  Email (Optional)
  3.  Phone Number
  4.  Finally, the date you would like to request the reservation.

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Rules for Use of the Gym and Kitchen area

As the member using the gym for non church functions it is your sole responsibility to assure that the church facilities are not abused and put back in order prior to your leaving.  There is a charge for using the church kitchen and gym for non church members of $100.00.  As a church member you MUST be at the event when you reserve the gym for a non church member.  You shouldn’t just unlock the door and leave. Free use of the gym is  for church members events only and their under aged children (Under 18) only.  If a church member uses the church and leave the facilities dirty they will be asked to pay an $80.00 cleaning fee.


  1. Only gym shoes are to be worn while playing on the gym floor.

  2. If anyone wishes to use the gym they must attend at least 2 services per week. (Exceptions: vacation, sickness, work) 

  3. Public may use if they are brought by a member of this church, provided, there is adult supervision. 

  4. An adult chaperone must be present during any kind of activities and that adult must attend the Newark FWB. 

  5. Anyone who uses the gym must clean up after they are finished playing in the gym. NO EXCEPTIONS 

  6. The Newark FWB church is not responsible for injuries. 

  7. If you break anything in the gym you will have to pay for it. NO EXCEPTIONS 

  8. No slam dunking will be permitted. 

  9. No gum will be allowed in the gym.

  10. If there is other activities scheduled in the multi-purpose building you will not be permitted to play ball during that time.  

  11. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be permitted. (Example: Losing your temper, cursing, shoving or fighting.) If this occurs you will be asked to leave

  12. There will be no playing of bail DURING services! (Sunday, Sunday night, Wednesday night.)


  1. All tables need to be wiped off.

  2. All tables and chairs are to be put back in the storage room. Unless you have made prior arrangements with the pastor.

  3. The gym floor must be swept and all food crumbs cleaned up off the floor. This means tables and chairs need to be moved to clean under.

  4. If a spill is made on the floor or the floor is sticky in result of your party, that area of the gym floor must be mopped.

  5. All counters and stoves must be wiped down after using the kitchen.

  6. All trash in the kitchen and gym need to be consolidated and taken to the dumpster.

  7. Check both back restrooms to make sure toilets are flushed and toilet seats are clean.

  8. If needed wipe off counter and empty trash. All dishes should be washed with hot water and soap. “Rinsing” of dishes is not the same as washing.

  9. ALL dishes need to be dried and put away prior to leaving the party.

  10. Any dish towels or wash clothes used need to be taken home by the church member to be washed and promptly returned.

  11. You must supply your own paper products, plastic ware, cups and table covers. 

If you have any questions or concerns, Please see the Pastor or a Board Member.