Announcements and Upcoming Events
  • We would like to welcome everyone to our Wednesday Night Bible Study. We are currently covering the book of Acts. We hope everyone can make an effort to attend. 
  • Our condolences to the family of Mary Magdalene (Mag) Snodgrass. Mag passed away on May 12, 2019. Mag is the Mother of Jill Mills, Sister of Rachel Bryant and Aunt to Pastor Rev. Johnny Ray Davis. Mag passed away on May 12, 2019. You can read her obituary online, simply click the link here:
  • The church website has been recently updated. Now anyone can send in prayer requests, visitation requests, book gym reservations, view church announcements, upcoming events and the prayer list, all online. You can even access the singing, nursery and junior church schedules along with our social media accounts. You can check it out at
  • Gary Dheel will be preaching Next Sunday, May 19th. He is still interested in the pastorship, This will be his second visit. 
  • Edwin Hayes will be preaching Sunday, June 9th. 
  • The Church will be hosting a Family Game Night on Friday, July 19th. More details will be posted later.